symposium flyer final 2018


I really hope this works!

I know there are few visitors to this site – we have had technical trouble.  Websites are harder than I thought!

Hopefully, when this publishes, you will see our flyer above.  We are having a great event in October and I really hope you can come.  I have been trying to put up the flyer for a couple of hours now, and not having any luck.


We also have had trouble with our pay pal account being added to the website.  We are seeking expert help, and as with most volunteer organizations, trying to get the right people in the right room with the expert help will take us some time.


In the mean time, you can register by mailing in the flyer, contact our email or register and pay through pay pal directly at

“American Association of Critical Care Nurses Dayton Chapter”.

And If you happen to be a website master, please let us know!  We would love your help in establishing our technical skills!